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Jiangsu Huaxin Alloy Co. Ltd. (JSHX) was established in 1992, located in Zhenglu Industrial Zone of Changzhou City, China. As a vice president of the China Instrument Association Materials Branch, JSHX, a technology-based enterprise specialized in research, development, production and application of different alloy materials with high precision, has been committed to remaining its

leading position of the industry in the last 29 years.

has been committed to remaining its leading position of the industry in the last 29 years.

Quality first, customer supreme

We have made phenomenal progress in recent years. We are awarded as “Jiangsu High Technology Enterprise” in 2011. We are also “Credit (contract) AAA Grade Enterprise” in the past 20 years. The “REGONG” brand is honored as “Jiangsu Famous

Brand”. We also won many inventive patents and utility model patents.


Compensating wire alloy wire for thermocouple 1498153320000

Compensating wire alloy wire for thermocouple

The function of the compensation wire for the thermocouple is to extend the cold electrode of the hot electrode, that is, the cold end of the moving thermocouple, and form a temperature measurement system by connecting with the display instrument. The use temperature is between -25 and 200 °C.
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Nicrosil-Nisil thermocouple (Type N) 1498153200000

Nicrosil-Nisil thermocouple (Type N)

Nicrosil-Nisil thermocouple is the latest base metal thermocouple, developed to improve the drawbacks that type K thermocouple has. The main chemical composition of positive leg Nicrosil(NP) is Ni: Cr: Si≈84.4: 14.2: 1.4; negative leg Nisil (NN) is Ni: Si: Mg≈95.5: 4.4: 0.1. Type N thermocouple also be used in the similar atmospheres that type K works, and the operating temperature range is -200~1300℃。 Type N thermocouple improves the EMF drift and short term EMF change, compared to type K thermocouple, and has a longer life than type K thermocouple. Therefore, in the industries where temperature control and measurement are especially critical, type N thermocouple has more advantages than other thermocouple as it has long life and stable thermal EMF.
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NiCr-NiSi thermocouple wire (Type K) 1498197540000

NiCr-NiSi thermocouple wire (Type K)

NiCr-NiSi (Type K) thermocouple finds the widest use in all basemetal thermocouple, at temperature above 500℃。The main chemical composition of positive leg NiCr (KP) are Ni≈90% and Cr≈10%; negative leg NiSi (KN) are Ni≈97% and Cr≈3%. The operating temperature range is - 200~1300℃(for short term) and 0~1100℃( for long term)。 Type K thermocouple has strong resistance to oxidation than other base metal thermocouples. It has high EMF against Platinum 67, excellent temperature accuracy, sensitivity and stability, with a low cost. It is recommended for oxidizing or inert atmospheres, but cannot be used directly in the following cases: (1) Alternatively oxidizing and reducing atmosphere, (2) Atmosphere with sulphur gases (3) Long time in vacuum (4) Low oxidizing atmosphere such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide atmosphere
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Nickel-chromium and nickel-chromium-iron alloy wire 1498153320000

Nickel-chromium and nickel-chromium-iron alloy wire

Nickel-chromium and nickel-chromium-iron alloys are the most widely used high-resistance electrothermal alloys. They have high electrical resistivity, good oxidation resistance and wear resistance, good good machinability and weldability at high temperatures. Have a higher strength. The alloy is suitable for the manufacture of heating elements in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical, glass, ceramic and household appliances industries, voltage regulators and brake resistors of various types of motors.
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